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French Language English Language In Deutscher Sprache The Caribbean island of St. Maarten - St. Martin is a dual nation, French and Dutch. Each side is remarkably different from the other.
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Best French Restaurant Montmartre in St.Maarten
Best French Restaurant

Gourmands seeking France can surrender their taste buds and olfactory to the genius of Le Montmarte in Cupecoy, adjoining Atlantis Casino. The Brasserie Parisienne continues to give diners that French flare with a Caribbean twist to retain its title of Best French Cuisine for another year. Le Montmarte transports diners to Paris with its stylish interior and outside tables draped in Red and White table cloths with accent candles.

More than the ambience, the culinary creations of traditional French favorite with a modern twist enthrall the appetite and satisfy its craving. Create a meal to celebrate the senses, artistry and sheer culinary genius starting with Escargots Provencal, followed by Roasted French Sea Bass or Filet of Kangaroo and finishing with a delectable dessert of Montmartre: A crisp, buttery pastry base with vanilla crème brulee, covered with chocolate mousse.

A vegetarian menu also calls out to herbivores who want their cravings taken care of without the fuss of meats to detract from the flavors of the Vegetable Tarts featuring tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini with parmesan cheese and pesto, salad on the side.

Runners up: Auberge Gourmande in Grand Case, Tropicana in Marina Royale.
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Best Romantic & best High End Restaurant

Named the one at the top of the top ten restaurants in the Caribbean by Bon Appetit magazine, Chef Dino Jagtiani's Temptation never fails to awaken lite senses. For the third consecutive year, the restaurant in Cupecoy, near the Atlantis Casino, has made an indelible impression on the palate of diners to maintain the titles for Best High End and Most Romantic Restaurant on St. Maarten.

Creating a menu which combines worldly flavours with Caribbean flare, the restaurant's Nouveau Caribbean cuisine has sparked the imagination of lovers who want to stimulate their taste buds and ignite a flame to burn strong. Accented with soft candle light and lily white napkins, it is hard not to feel romantic, as the pianist tickles the ivories to fill the air with sweet music.

Waiters offer extraordinary service to complement the romantic mood. The High End part can be easily recognised not in the menu prices but in the quality of ingredients, Jagtiani a silver medallist of the Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Competition selects daily for creations such as Warm Walnut Crusted Vermont Goat Cheese Medallion with rosemaryhoney infused cranberries, and balsamic caramel; and Creme Brulee Sampler: Chocolate, lemongrass, vanilla and passion fruit.

New comers discover that all accolades received the most recent was the title of GaultMillau Best Restaurant of the Year were earned and deserved. Jagtiani holds the distinction of the first St. Maartener to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, an accomplishment he takes pride in and shares through his culinary creation, by assisting upcoming chefs and promoting his island in New York, the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

Runners up: » Best High End Restaurants: La Gondola and Rare
» Most Romantic Restaurants : Holland House's Ocean Lounge and Bamboo Bernies
La Gondola Best Italian Restaurant in St.Maarten
La Gondola
Best Italian Restaurant

Its freshly made pasta no packaged dough is credited for La Gondola being voted the Best Italian Restaurant for a second consecutive year. Longtime Chef Marco Ferrante learnt the techniques of famous Italian cooking mostly from frequenting the kitchens of his grandmothers. Later he polished his knowledge with formal training.

The homey yet sophisticated dishes are formed from the freshest ingredients coupled with only the best meats, poultry, fish, and legendary Caribbean lobster. From the first bite of the appetisers to the symphonic finish of dessert, La Gondola treats the palate like royalty. The classic Spaghetti alia Bolognese (Spaghetti with a special bolognaise style meat sauce) is made into a feast with flare that only authentic Italian cooking can conjure up to please a gourmand. For the Ossobuco alia Milanese (braised veal shank), no knife is necessary because the meat is so tender.

Best of voters were also captivated by La Gondolas Fantasia di dessert del carnevale di Venezia (A selection of homemade desserts: Tiramisu, warm chocolate tart and a frozen nougat served on a raspberry sauce). Cupecoy is located next to Atlantis Casino.

Runners up: La Rosa II in Maho Village, Spiga in Grand Case,
Fusion Best New Restaurant in St.Maarten
Best New Restaurant

St. Maarten's culinary scene changes drastically every year. Many restaurants close, some open, while others expand Ihis year the choice wasn't easy for our voters, as several new restaurants are hot and happening. Fusion opened this year on Front Street next to Sea Palace Resort.

The owners have made a big effort to keep their restaurant local. Building the expansion of the restaurant, furbishing and furnishing the entire interior have been done through local people and products. As little as possible was imported. The menu, as you'd expect from the name, is an exciting mixture of cooking styles and ingredients.

At first just open for lunch, but now open for dinner as well, Fusion can proudly call itself St. Maarten's best new restaurant in 2007.

Runners up: The Stone, Tijuana Yacht Club
Toppers Best International Restaurant in St.Maarten
Best International Restaurant

On the strip, right next to Dolphin casino, a truly oneofakind dining facility is open seven days a week. The restaurant, which just celebrated one year on Halloween, is now open for its second season, and for Toppers restaurant, it's already been a good one.

People can't get enough of the tasty Brisket and delicious pastas. Topper is proud, "We have a good team and good food and people respond to that." Whether you come in for lunch or dinner, the menu is a solid mixture of Italian, Caribbean and American food with hinds of many other cultures all cooked together.

The Japanese fighting fish will welcome you to your table and your drinks will be served in jars. For a unique and definitely scrumptious dining experience, Toppers is your place to be.

Runners up: Pineapple Pete, Cherri's Cafe
Anand Best Indian Restaurant in St.Maarten
Best Indian Restaurant

On an island known as the "Gourmet capital of the Caribbean," it's only natural that there are a few top of the line Indian eateries among the vast culinary options. With two locations in St. Maarten, Anand Restaurant has distinguished itself as being the leading restaurant of delectable Indian cuisine.

This cosy eatery has two convenient locations (Billy Folly Road and Philipsburg) for appetites craving Indian cuisine. It offers delectable servings of spices and flavours of curry, cardamom, vegetarian dishes, great nans, chicken, beef, lamb, goat and seafood at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Its sauces: Tandy, Masala, Kashmiri, Mongoly, Kurma and Spinach, add that special flavour that whets any appetite and can only be described as incredible Indian.

Runners up: Shiv Sagar, Lal's
White Swan Best Chinese Restaurant in St.Maarten
White Swan
Best Chinese Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant can be found at almost every corner of the Dutch side, but there is only one which offers perfection and Far East cuisine, inspiring diners to return again and again. For half a decade now, White Swan's loyal clientele have voted it the best in Chinese food, an achievement the owners are elated about.

Authentic dishes take diners, through their taste buds, to the exotic Southern Provinces of China. The Cantonese Cuisine is famous for its seafood, especially steamed fish and shellfish prepared in various ways. Try pork and duck glazed with mixtures of sugar, wine, and soy and roasted to a beautiful goldenred. Discovering your aptitude for chopsticks is made better with the feast at White Swan, which is fit for the emperors who conquer and build stunning empires that resulted in world power house of China. Ambience and friendly staff are also the allure of White Swan.

Its two locations Royale Village and Sister Modesta Road Adding flare to a sumptuous steak meal is regular live entertainment that splashed and hints of the Caribbean and the exotic intoxication of Latino music and dance. The sensual, romantic tango gets the blood pumping to help the meal that would humble the tough gaucho satisfies. Road, Simpson Bay satisfy the longing for cosiness and for open air near the water. The original restaurant still sits on Simpson Bay Lagoon as part of Royale Village, while the second location has a homier neighbourhood feel as part of Simpson Bay Village.

Runners up: Pink Pearl on Front Street, Island Seafood
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Bamboo Bernies
Best Sushi Restaurant

Sushi lovers unite at Bamboo Bernies. Voted number one on the island again, Bamboo Bernies offers a substantial selection of Sushi which hardcore fans of raw fish will definitely appreciate.

Don't worry; there is also a great selection for those who say, "I don't like raw fish." The ambiance in the restaurant is great and has a relaxed vibe to it, as you enjoy the great food.

The very helpful staff will help you make a selection if you can't decide which delicious Japanese treat to choose from.

Runners up: Thai Savannah, Bliss
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Los Gauchos Argentinean Grill
Best Steakhouse

You don't have to rough it on the steppes of South America to eat hearty and fresh like the iconic Gauchos. The wafting aroma of succulent steaks on the grill and the searing of juices so savoury your mouth begs for release is the allure of Los Gauchos Argentinean Grill in Pelican Resort, Simpson Bay, voted the Best Steakhouse on the island.

Fodor's Caribbean described the steakhouse, run by Liesa Euton and her friendly staff, as "some of the best beef" in a town where foodies seek out French cuisine and seafood. House specialties are juicy, freerange steaks with a generous helping of baked potatoes and salad. Nonredmeateaters can select dishes from creations built on chicken, fish, and vegetables.

The extensive menu is complemented by wine from Argentina's top vineyards and collections. Adding flare to a sumptuous steak meal is regular, live entertainment which splashes and hints of the Caribbean and the exotic intoxication of Latino music and dance. The sensual, romantic tango gets the blood pumping to help the meal that would humble the tough gaucho.

Runners up: Peg Leg Pub in Three Palms Plaza, Rancho in La Palapa Centre.
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Lee's Roadside Grill
Best Seafood Restaurant

Whether your appetite is calling for fresh fish, fresh lobster, chicken or ribs, Lee's Roadside Grill is the place to go. Conveniently located on the roadside in Simpson Bay, Lee's serves up some of the most finger licking grilled delicacies on the island, winning the Best Place to get Seafood in The Daily Herald's Best Of 2007 survey.

Lee's boasts the freshest daily catch of seafood options which is grilled to perfection for your mouth watering pleasure. You can watch your meal cooked in front of your eyes or take up the chef's offer to do it yourself. You can also take your pick of fresh lobster from the good supply that's always available in the lobster tank.

The live, nightly music only adds to the great ambience that Lee's is known for.

Runners up: Chesterfield, The Boathouse
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Mark's Place
Best Local Restaurant

Right next to Le Grand Marche is a oneofakind dining facility. With its steel bars, it is protected, yet open; and with its location, it is close by for a quick bite, or for foodonthego. Mark's Place has been in existence for many years.

Before Le Grand Marche plaza was built, Mark had a place in French Cul de Sac, where in the late "70s he opened his restaurant. Unfortunately, along with a lot of things, the original Mark's place got blown away by Luis. A year later, Mark opened the new location on the Dutch side and has been serving the most delicious dishes ever since.

The best local food means you'll get a killer chicken & ribs combo, a very tasty mahi mahi or snapper filet and even to the Dutch it's a local place, as Frikandellen and Kroketten are on the menu too.

Runners up: Yvette's, The Jerk
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Johnny B Under the Tree
Best Barbecue

There's no better place better to get a good fingerlicking barbecue than under a tree and "Johnny B Under the Tree," has proven this by sliding into the first place position unseating Lidos as the Best place to get barbecue in St. Maarten. Last year, Johnny B placed first runnerup in the survey.

This roadside outdoor eatery snuggled under a huge shaded tree in Cole Bay serves up the tastiest barbecued chicken, ribs and fish served independently or with meals of rice and peas, all types of salad and other tasty options. All of Johnny B's delicacies are grilled to perfection in a homey, nice outdoor setting which is truly Caribbean. The prices are down to earth so everyone can sample why this roadside eatery is the best in town.

Runners up: Lido's, Deelishous.
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Top Carrot
Best Lunch & Best Vegetarien

Top Carrot is located on the main road in Simpson Bay: A good location for a lunchroom, as it's often right in the middle of the two lunching companions. Location isn't what makes a lunchroom successful; it's a combination of certain factors: Good food is the starting point.

At Top Carrot, where the food is mostly homemade, and at all times organic and biological, you can taste the nature with every bite. The wide selection of juices, blended from fresh vegetables and fruits right on the spot, is a definite plus as well. With a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, this lunchroom takes in two prizes in one go!

Top Carrot has been voted best vegetarian restaurant as well as best lunchroom So now you know where to go! Best Lunch

Runners up: Chesterfield, Pineapple Pete
Best Vegetarian restaurant.
Runners up: Shieka's, Ital Shack
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Zee Best
Best Breakfast Spot

The name Zee Best says it all and is once again voted Best Breakfast Spot on the island. Owner Dominic Lapierre is justly proud to retain the #1 breakfast spot for several years in a row.

Zee Best is located in the Simpson Bay Yacht Club on the Dutch side and at the Port de Plaisance Yacht Club. Customers rise and shine at Zee Best with fresh coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, eggs, omelettes and much more, as they indulge in freshly made pastries, baked at the Marigot location every morning. Everyone is invited to experience breakfast at its best from 7:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Runners up: Bagelhouse, Chesterfield
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
The Greenhouse
Best Happy Hour

Many of us work hard and take great pleasure in having a special deal now and again. The Greenhouse realises this and offers the best "two for one" happy hour on the island to retain the title of Best Happy Hour in St. Maarten for the third consecutive lap.

Its "two for one" special on drinks Tuesday nights special is probably the most popular special on the island. Many people head down to The Greenhouse on Tuesdays just to cash in on this great deal. The Greenhouse also gives patrons dollars off selected appetisers daily.

This trendy eatery has been very popular among happy hour seekers since it opened its doors in 1986. The Greenhouse is conveniently located in the centre of the island's bustling Philipsburg, so there is no excuse not to cash in on the best happy hour.

Runners up: Sunset Beach Bar, Lady C
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Holland House
Best Place to have Cocktails

Holland House is famous for its white lounge sofas and its relaxing atmosphere. After work or for a night out with friends, it's a place you can hang out and catch up, while sipping a delicious alcoholic concoction made by Tory, the head bartender and cocktailspecialist.

Tory loves to mix and match and be creative with his bottles: an experimentation which has led him to good things, not the least of which is "the island lover" a luscious cocktail that's so good you'll want to sip it drop by drop to savour each flavour as best you can. Also, always at your service is "Iceman," the beach boy at Holland House, who together with Tory make a great team.

So, plan to spend your Sunday a bit differently this coming week, and let Iceman and Tory make it an unforgettable and relaxing one for you. Congratulations to Tory and all his staff: You deserve the title of best cocktail place on St. Maarten!

Runners up: Bliss, Sunset Beach Bar
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