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Best French Restaurant Montmartre in St.Maarten
Best French Restaurant

Gourmands seeking France can surrender their taste buds and olfactory to the genius of Le Montmarte in Cupecoy, adjoining Atlantis Casino. The Brasserie Parisienne continues to give diners that French flare with a Caribbean twist to retain its title of Best French Cuisine for another year. Le Montmarte transports diners to Paris with its stylish interior and outside tables draped in Red and White table cloths with accent candles. More than the ambience, the culinary creations of traditional French favorite with a modern twist enthrall the appetite and satisfy its craving. Create a meal to celebrate the senses, artistry and sheer culinary genius starting with Escargots Provencal, followed by Roasted French Sea Bass or Filet of Kangaroo and finishing with a delectable dessert of Montmartre: A crisp, buttery pastry base with vanilla crème brulee, covered with chocolate mousse. A vegetarian menu also calls out to herbivores who want their cravings taken care of without the fuss of meats to detract from the flavors of the Vegetable Tarts featuring tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini with parmesan cheese and pesto, salad on the side.

Runners up: Auberge Gourmande in Grand Case, Tropicana in Marina Royale.
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Best Romantic & best High End Restaurant

Named the one at the top of the top ten restaurants in the Caribbean by Bon Appetit magazine, Chef Dino Jagtiani's Temptation never fails to awaken lite senses. For the third consecutive year, the restaurant in Cupecoy, near the Atlantis Casino, has made an indelible impression on the palate of diners to maintain the titles for Best High End and Most Romantic Restaurant on St. Maarten. Creating a menu which combines worldly flavours with Caribbean flare, the restaurant's Nouveau Caribbean cuisine has sparked the imagination of lovers who want to stimulate their taste buds and ignite a flame to burn strong. Accented with soft candle light and lily white napkins, it is hard not to feel romantic, as the pianist tickles the ivories to fill the air with sweet music. Waiters offer extraordinary service to complement the romantic mood. The High End part can be easily recognised not in the menu prices but in the quality of ingredients, Jagtiani a silver medallist of the Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Competition selects daily for creations such as Warm Walnut Crusted Vermont Goat Cheese Medallion with rosemaryhoney infused cranberries, and balsamic caramel; and Creme Brulee Sampler: Chocolate, lemongrass, vanilla and passion fruit. New comers discover that all accolades received the most recent was the title of GaultMillau Best Restaurant of the Year were earned and deserved. Jagtiani holds the distinction of the first St. Maartener to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, an accomplishment he takes pride in and shares through his culinary creation, by assisting upcoming chefs and promoting his island in New York, the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

Runners up: » Best High End Restaurants: La Gondola and Rare
» Most Romantic Restaurants : Holland House's Ocean Lounge and Bamboo Bernies
La Gondola Best Italian Restaurant in St.Maarten
La Gondola
Best Italian Restaurant

Its freshly made pasta no packaged dough is credited for La Gondola being voted the Best Italian Restaurant for a second consecutive year. Longtime Chef Marco Ferrante learnt the techniques of famous Italian cooking mostly from frequenting the kitchens of his grandmothers. Later he polished his knowledge with formal training. The homey yet sophisticated dishes are formed from the freshest ingredients coupled with only the best meats, poultry, fish, and legendary Caribbean lobster. From the first bite of the appetisers to the symphonic finish of dessert, La Gondola treats the palate like royalty. The classic Spaghetti alia Bolognese (Spaghetti with a special bolognaise style meat sauce) is made into a feast with flare that only authentic Italian cooking can conjure up to please a gourmand. For the Ossobuco alia Milanese (braised veal shank), no knife is necessary because the meat is so tender. Best of voters were also captivated by La Gondolas Fantasia di dessert del carnevale di Venezia (A selection of homemade desserts: Tiramisu, warm chocolate tart and a frozen nougat served on a raspberry sauce). Cupecoy is located next to Atlantis Casino.

Runners up: La Rosa II in Maho Village, Spiga in Grand Case,
Fusion Best New Restaurant in St.Maarten
Best New Restaurant

St. Maarten's culinary scene changes drastically every year. Many restaurants close, some open, while others expand Ihis year the choice wasn't easy for our voters, as several new restaurants are hot and happening. Fusion opened this year on Front Street next to Sea Palace Resort. The owners have made a big effort to keep their restaurant local. Building the expansion of the restaurant, furbishing and furnishing the entire interior have been done through local people and products. As little as possible was imported. The menu, as you'd expect from the name, is an exciting mixture of cooking styles and ingredients. At first just open for lunch, but now open for dinner as well, Fusion can proudly call itself St. Maarten's best new restaurant in 2007.

Runners up: The Stone, Tijuana Yacht Club
Toppers Best International Restaurant in St.Maarten
Best International Restaurant

On the strip, right next to Dolphin casino, a truly oneofakind dining facility is open seven days a week. The restaurant, which just celebrated one year on Halloween, is now open for its second season, and for Toppers restaurant, it's already been a good one. People can't get enough of the tasty Brisket and delicious pastas. Topper is proud, "We have a good team and good food and people respond to that." Whether you come in for lunch or dinner, the menu is a solid mixture of Italian, Caribbean and American food with hinds of many other cultures all cooked together. The Japanese fighting fish will welcome you to your table and your drinks will be served in jars. For a unique and definitely scrumptious dining experience, Toppers is your place to be.

Runners up: Pineapple Pete, Cherri's Cafe
Anand Best Indian Restaurant in St.Maarten

Best Indian Restaurant

On an island known as the "Gourmet capital of the Caribbean," it's only natural that there are a few top of the line Indian eateries among the vast culinary options. With two locations in St. Maarten, Anand Restaurant has distinguished itself as being the leading restaurant of delectable Indian cuisine. This cosy eatery has two convenient locations (Billy Folly Road and Philipsburg) for appetites craving Indian cuisine. It offers delectable servings of spices and flavours of curry, cardamom, vegetarian dishes, great nans, chicken, beef, lamb, goat and seafood at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Its sauces: Tandy, Masala, Kashmiri, Mongoly, Kurma and Spinach, add that special flavour that whets any appetite and can only be described as incredible Indian.

Runners up: Shiv Sagar, Lal's

White Swan Best Chinese Restaurant in St.Maarten
White Swan
Best Chinese Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant can be found at almost every corner of the Dutch side, but there is only one which offers perfection and Far East cuisine, inspiring diners to return again and again. For half a decade now, White Swan's loyal clientele have voted it the best in Chinese food, an achievement the owners are elated about. Authentic dishes take diners, through their taste buds, to the exotic Southern Provinces of China. The Cantonese Cuisine is famous for its seafood, especially steamed fish and shellfish prepared in various ways. Try pork and duck glazed with mixtures of sugar, wine, and soy and roasted to a beautiful goldenred. Discovering your aptitude for chopsticks is made better with the feast at White Swan, which is fit for the emperors who conquer and build stunning empires that resulted in world power house of China. Ambience and friendly staff are also the allure of White Swan. Its two locations Royale Village and Sister Modesta Adding flare to a sumptuous steak meal is regular live entertainment that splashed and hints of the Caribbean and the exotic intoxication of Latino music and dance. The sensual, romantic tango gets the blood pumping to help the meal that would humble the tough gaucho satisfies. Road, Simpson Bay satisfy the longing for cosiness and for open air near the water. The original restaurant still sits on Simpson Bay Lagoon as part of Royale Village, while the second location has a homier neighbourhood feel as part of Simpson Bay Village.

Runners up: Pink Pearl, Island Seafood
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Bamboo Bernies
Best Sushi Restaurant

Sushi lovers unite at Bamboo Bernies. Voted number one on the island again, Bamboo Bernies offers a substantial selection of Sushi which hardcore fans of raw fish will definitely appreciate. Don't worry; there is also a great selection for those who say, "I don't like raw fish." The ambiance in the restaurant is great and has a relaxed vibe to it, as you enjoy the great food. The very helpful staff will help you make a selection if you can't decide which delicious Japanese treat to choose from.

Runners up: Thai Savannah, Bliss
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Los Gauchos Argentinean Grill
Best Steakhouse

You don't have to rough it on the steppes of South America to eat hearty and fresh like the iconic Gauchos. The wafting aroma of succulent steaks on the grill and the searing of juices so savoury your mouth begs for release is the allure of Los Gauchos Argentinean Grill in Pelican Resort, Simpson Bay, voted the Best Steakhouse on the island. Fodor's Caribbean described the steakhouse, run by Liesa Euton and her friendly staff, as "some of the best beef" in a town where foodies seek out French cuisine and seafood. House specialties are juicy, freerange steaks with a generous helping of baked potatoes and salad. Nonredmeateaters can select dishes from creations built on chicken, fish, and vegetables. The extensive menu is complemented by wine from Argentina's top vineyards and collections. Adding flare to a sumptuous steak meal is regular, live entertainment which splashes and hints of the Caribbean and the exotic intoxication of Latino music and dance. The sensual, romantic tango gets the blood pumping to help the meal that would humble the tough gaucho.

Runners up: Peg Leg Pub , Rancho
Restaurant Temptation in St.Maarten
Abu Ghazi
Best Shoarma

Whether you call it Shawarma, Shwarma or Shoarma, if it's not Abu Ghazi's, it's not the real thing. Despite the mushrooming of various shoarma places, Abu Ghazi in Madame Estate still prepares the most outstanding example of the genre. Generous slices of roasted lamb are cut from a traditionally vertical kabob and enveloped in fresh pita bread topped with salad, onions, tomatoes, and as much garlic sauce as you desire. The result is chewy, crunchy, creamy, spicy, and supple all at once. A highly delectable solution to an empty stomach and questing taste buds alike. Change it up and go for a version of chicken, turkey or shrimp. Even the noncarnivores will find pleasure in the veggie shoarma. With a new added porch with tables and chairs, you can enjoy them right on the premises. Location: Madame Estate across from Shell Gas Station.

Runners up: Aldywan, Marty's Gyro
Lee's Roadside Grill Best Seafood Restaurant in St.Maarten
Lee's Roadside Grill
Best Seafood Restaurant

Whether your appetite is calling for fresh fish, fresh lobster, chicken or ribs, Lee's Roadside Grill is the place to go. Conveniently located on the roadside in Simpson Bay, Lee's serves up some of the most finger licking grilled delicacies on the island, winning the Best Place to get Seafood in The Daily Herald's Best Of 2007 survey. Lee's boasts the freshest daily catch of seafood options which is grilled to perfection for your mouth watering pleasure. You can watch your meal cooked in front of your eyes or take up the chef's offer to do it yourself. You can also take your pick of fresh lobster from the good supply that's always available in the lobster tank. The live, nightly music only adds to the great ambience that Lee's is known for.

Runners up: Chesterfield, The Boathouse
Burger King Best Burger Restaurant in St.Maarten
Burger King
Best Burger Restaurant

Burger lovers have not budged from their choice of best place to get burgers in St. Maarten. For the umpteenth time, the public has chosen Burger King as Best Burger joint proving that customers can indeed "Have It Your Way," at the king of burgers. It offers a line of burgers from the whopper and the double whopper Jr. to cheese burger and double cheeseburger. And with several locations on the island (Cyrus Wathey Square, Philipsburg, Bush Road, Cole Bay and Simpson Bay and drivethru's at three locations), burger lovers don't have to venture too far to place an order for their favourite burger.

Runners up: McDonalds and Sunset Beach Bar
Shell Gas Station Best Hot Dog Place in St.Maarten
Shell Gas Station
Best Hot Dog

For three years in a row, no establishment has managed to dethrone Shell Gas Station as Best place to get a hot dog on the island. SheU is proud of its tasty, juicy, huge hot dogs, served with a special combination of cheese and what Shell considers the best baked bread on the island. Shell's hot dogs contain just the right combinations of onions, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce pickles and relish. Hotdogs have been on Shell's menu since the establishment was birthed about seven years ago. SheU Select is open 24 hours a day; so whether you crave one of the best hot dogs at 2:00 in die afternoon or 2:00 in the morning, the minimart is always open to cater to your appetite cravings.

Runners up:
Caribbean Cinemas, Sunset Beach Bar
MCDonalds Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Best Fastfood

McDonald's has dethroned Kentucky Fried Chicken as the Best Fast Food outlet in St. Maarten. McDonald's, the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, caters to the busy customer onthego with its line of fast food choices such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French Fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, desserts, salads and fruit. The outlet has two convenient locations in St. Maarten Philipsburg and Simpson Bay. the latter location features a drive thru for those on the go and also has a large indoor playground for young kids. The Simpson Bay location is also a popular spot for children's parties. The outlets usually have special promotions where customers can purchase goodies, in some cases, for as low as US $1.

Runners up: KFC, Subway
Domino's  Pizza in St.Maarten
Best Pizza

Domino's Pizza isn't a big hit on St. Maarten only, as this year Kittians are ordering pizzas by the dozens, since the first Domino's opened its doors on the small island. With the four pizzarestaurants on St. Maarten, Domino's reaches everyone on the island. The latest addition is the small restaurant located on the airport, where you can order your personalsized pizzas for a quick snack or dinner on the go. Once again, pizzalovers voted Domino's the best pizza on the island. Order your pizza by phone and pick it up or, of course, have it dropped off at your door step and continue watching that movie or entertaining friends. Order the special combination of toppings like Meat lovers, Extravaganza or Deluxe and feast your taste buds on a truly delicious pizza.

Runners up: Pizza Hut, Pizza Galley
Mark's Place Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Mark's Place
Best Local Restaurant

Right next to Le Grand Marche is a oneofakind dining facility. With its steel bars, it is protected, yet open; and with its location, it is close by for a quick bite, or for foodonthego. Mark's Place has been in existence for many years. Before Le Grand Marche plaza was built, Mark had a place in French Cul de Sac, where in the late "70s he opened his restaurant. Unfortunately, along with a lot of things, the original Mark's place got blown away by Luis. A year later, Mark opened the new location on the Dutch side and has been serving the most delicious dishes ever since. The best local food means you'll get a killer chicken & ribs combo, a very tasty mahi mahi or snapper filet and even to the Dutch it's a local place, as Frikandellen and Kroketten are on the menu too.

Runners up: Yvette's, The Jerk
Johnny B Under the Tree Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Johnny B Under the Tree
Best Barbecue

There's no better place better to get a good fingerlicking barbecue than under a tree and "Johnny B Under the Tree," has proven this by sliding into the first place position unseating Lidos as the Best place to get barbecue in St. Maarten. Last year, Johnny B placed first runnerup in the survey. This roadside outdoor eatery snuggled under a huge shaded tree in Cole Bay serves up the tastiest barbecued chicken, ribs and fish served independently or with meals of rice and peas, all types of salad and other tasty options. All of Johnny B's delicacies are grilled to perfection in a homey, nice outdoor setting which is truly Caribbean. The prices are down to earth so everyone can sample why this roadside eatery is the best in town.

Runners up: Lido's, Deelishous.
Top Carrot  Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Top Carrot
Best Lunch & Best Vegetarien

Top Carrot is located on the main road in Simpson Bay: A good location for a lunchroom, as it's often right in the middle of the two lunching companions. Location isn't what makes a lunchroom successful; it's a combination of certain factors: Good food is the starting point. At Top Carrot, where the food is mostly homemade, and at all times organic and biological, you can taste the nature with every bite. The wide selection of juices, blended from fresh vegetables and fruits right on the spot, is a definite plus as well. With a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, this lunchroom takes in two prizes in one go! Top Carrot has been voted best vegetarian restaurant as well as best lunchroom So now you know where to go!

Best Lunch Restaurant
Runners up: Chesterfield, Pineapple Pete
Best Vegetarian restaurant
Runners up: Shieka's, Ital Shack
Zee Best Best Breakfast Spot   in St.Maarten
Zee Best
Best Breakfast Spot

The name Zee Best says it all and is once again voted Best Breakfast Spot on the island. Owner Dominic Lapierre is justly proud to retain the #1 breakfast spot for several years in a row. Zee Best is located in the Simpson Bay Yacht Club on the Dutch side and at the Port de Plaisance Yacht Club. Customers rise and shine at Zee Best with fresh coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, eggs, omelettes and much more, as they indulge in freshly made pastries, baked at the Marigot location every morning. Everyone is invited to experience breakfast at its best from 7:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Runners up: Bagelhouse, Chesterfield
Carl and Sons Bakery in St.Maarten
Carl and Sons Bakery
Best Bakery

The fresh ovenbaked breads, pastries and other delicacies of Carl and Sons Bakery have placed this family owned business in the driver's seat as the leading Bakery in St. Maarten. And with some 26 years experience in the business, this accolade comes as no surprise. Carl and Sons has three convenient locations serving up baked goodies, salads and lunch specials. Its freshly baked goodies can also be purchased at almost any supermarket on the friendly St. Maarten isle. Carl's Unique Inn a small hotel property is located in Cole Bay and caters to scores of Caribbean visitors who come to the island to take advantage of the fantastic duty free shopping. The local familyowned business was established in 1982 and has blossomed into the leading bakery on the island with quality service and delectable baked appetite pleasers.

Runners up: Le Sucriere, Serafina
Kaffe St.Maarten   Best Coffee in St.Maarten
Kaffe St.Maarten
Best Coffee

Gone are the days of just a simple brew of roasted coffee beans with a spot of sugar and a dollop of cream. Coffee requires the alchemy of a top bartender and the flavour pairing ability of a world class chef to please connoisseurs. No place on this island has mastered the art of the perfect cup of coffee to soothe, energize or even flirt with the senses like Kaffe St. Maarten in Princess Juliana International Airport Terminal Building. For the second consecutive year, Kaffe has reined supreme with Best Of voters as the island's best coffee joint. It's location in one of the most highstress environments, only adds to its fame for comforting waiting passengers and keeping the company of those who are rushing without sleep and rest. The coffee beans used to stimulate the senses and palate are grown in Panama some 1,500 metres above sea level where they thrive in the cool, fresh air. Kaffe coffee brews invite drinks to take a mini vacation without leaving the airport and in between that place here and there.

Runners up: Kangaroo Court in Philipsburg, Zee Best
Rics Place   in St.Maarten
Rics Place
Best Sportsbar

It reigns supremely with the sports team greats and is the den for those who need to share the thrill of the game with a huge crowd of close friends or a barrage of new ones united in the spirit of the game. Rics Place is synonymous with the hottest international sporting events. For providing well for sports fans through the ins and outs of game frustration and joy, Ric s Place with its 16 varieties of international beers was again named the Best Sports Bar by Best Of voters who are pretty serious about their game experience. Your team not doing too well or need fuel to continue the distant cheer directed at the television? Ric's Place has a menu to calm a macho hunger faster than a photo finish. Indulgence in some of the best TexMex offerings of burritos, nachos grande (and its big!) or munch on buffalo wings while contemplating where in the world buffalos are winged. Burgers and fries are also a staple of any selfrespecting sports bar and Ric's has them freshly grilled up. Location: Simpson Bay, just across the bridge.

Runners up: Time Out .. Sports Bar, Sunset Beach Bar
Bliss Nightclub  in St.Maarten
Best Nightclub

Sexy, pumping and stylish, Bliss is the elite club for the trendy liming crowd. If you're looking for the island's best clubbing experience, this is your destination. You can head there any day of the week and you'll find the stateoftheart equipped dance floor rocking. Whether it's a famous Grammyaward winning DJ or the best local spinners, Bliss is known for getting them behind the decks. From old school hip hop and eighties hits to the latest techno and pop, you can dance to it all. The recently added fabulous themed decorations by the Ba'zart Family have only enhanced the "Total Bliss Experience" that keeps you begging for more. While the DJs are the main attraction, it's the lounge area by the pool with bountiful bottle service that creates a laidback vibe, perfect for conversation and flirtation. Reserve yourself a private cabana, order an ice bucket full of bubbly drinks and experience true Bliss!

Runners up: Q Club, Club Vibes
Sunset Beach Bar   in St.Maarten
Sunset Beach Bar
Best Beach Bar

It's no surprise that Sunset Beach Bar located on Maho Beach has been voted the # 1 beach bar on the island once again. It features live acts and fun entertainment for young and old, seven days a week. Adding to its list of entertainment are the bikini contest and muscle beach contest, a must see. Happy hour is still as fun as ever and the cocktails are great! Enjoy the sight of incoming and departing planes, as this is one of the best spots on the island to watch this happen, while enjoying an ice cold beer. Listen to live music, as the sun sets, and enjoy the island bar experience at its best!

Runners up: Mr. Busby's and Buccaneer Beach Bar
Platinum Room Adult Entertainment  in St.Maarten
Platinum Room
Best Adult Entertainment

This Roman inspired adult entertainment club at Maho conjures up the intense adult revelling of olden times, in a modern setting of an upscale nightclub, thus allowing it to again grab the title of the island's best adult entertainment spot. Exotic beauties from across the world mingle and dance for their audience, as light bounces off the indoor pool, creating a perfect fantasy setting. For a high in demand close up encounter, a patron can enjoy his or her favourite dancer in a private setting, as they whisper in his or her ear sweet nothings with an accent that sounds of someplace far away. The upscale atmosphere of the club also easily allows for a scintillating outing for any guy who wants to offer his girlfriend a different kind of date. On the other hand, if a patron craves anonymity, strategically coveted dark corners will do the trick.

Runners up: Golden Eyes, Casa Blanca
The Greenhouse Restaurant  in St.Maarten
The Greenhouse
Best Happy Hour

Many of us work hard and take great pleasure in having a special deal now and again. The Greenhouse realises this and offers the best "two for one" happy hour on the island to retain the title of Best Happy Hour in St. Maarten for the third consecutive lap. Its "two for one" special on drinks Tuesday nights special is probably the most popular special on the island. Many people head down to The Greenhouse on Tuesdays just to cash in on this great deal. The Greenhouse also gives patrons dollars off selected appetisers daily. This trendy eatery has been very popular among happy hour seekers since it opened its doors in 1986. The Greenhouse is conveniently located in the centre of the island's bustling Philipsburg, so there is no excuse not to cash in on the best happy hour.

Runners up: Sunset Beach Bar, Lady C
Subway  Best Sandwiches  in St.Maarten
Best Sandwich

You just can't go wrong with a sandwich that's as tasty as it is good for you. And healthy, goodforyou sandwiches are exactly what Subway voted Best Sandwich place four years in a row offers. Its tasty sandwiches are as healthy as they come. Subway has six convenient locations in St. Maarten (Walter Nisbeth Road, Front Street, Le Grand Marche complex, Airport Road, Maho and in Marigot) where sandwich lovers can have it their way anytime. They offer 15 different choices of healthy sandwiches, seven of which are only six grams of fat, so just about anyone can flavor up his/her palate with a wide selection. Customers can take their pick of bun. There are six choices: parmesan, oregano, cheddar cheese, whole wheat, white and honey oats. And the fresh line of salads guarantees that oneofakind freshness that only Subway offers.

Runners up: Quiznos, Top Carrot
Piece of Cake in St.Maarten
Piece of Cake
Best Ice Cream & Best Dessert

It looks like we have to look for Ivan again...or maybe not. Last year's winner "Where's Ivan?" has changed owners recently, however, the sweet hot spot remains at the top under the name "Piece of Cake." If you're going to sabotage your diet, this is the place to do it. It's still a Gelatoria scooping up Italianstyle ice cream in 24 rotating flavours — from Tahitian Vanilla and Caramel Heath Bar Crunch to the unusual Rhubarb Creme Fraiche and Blackberry Cabernet. Ihe gelato contains less butter fat but is full of flavour. The sorbets are packed with morsels of "~ fruit and will almost convince you you're having a healthy snack. But the gelato is not the only thing that will have you drooling. Wait till you see and sample the scrumptious looking and tasting dessert made by the inhouse French pastry chef. Ihe selection is modest, but what it has to offer is made with lots of attention and eye for detail. Each and every one of those artistic creations is a piece the resistance...there goes your resolution again.

Runners up: Pizza Galley, Vanille et Chocolate
Le Grand Marche  Shopping in St.Maarten
Le Grand Marche
Best Supermarket

Ever since it opened its first spacious and convenient location on Bush Road, Le Grand Marche has been our reader's choice of Best Supermarket on the island in The Daily Herald's Best of Survey. Last year was no different. The supermarket, which has since opened other convenient locations, remains Best Supermarket. Le Grand Marche provides the ultimate shopping experience in St. Maarten with its spacious locations boasting ample parking space and a wide selection of choice items ranging from vegetables and grocery items to fruits, meats and just about any and everything you need for your shopping cart. Its helpful staff only adds to the superior service Le Grand Marche is known for. And if you're lucky, you can cash in on its regular specials and promotions such as the SUVs usually raffled where customers who spend 100 guilders or more get a chance to fill out an entry form to win. The Bush Road branch also offers a lunch counter and fresh salad bar.

Runners up: Afoo, Lido
Heineken Beer  in St.Maarten
Best Beer

The smooth, refreshing, distinctive taste of Heineken Beer has given it the edge to retain the Best Beer crown yet again. Heineken's superbtaste and refreshing flavour kept it far ahead of competitors Presidente and Carib beer. Our readers continued enjoying this bright, clear beer during 2007. This bottom fermenting beer was founded in the Netherlands in 1863 and has been available for your drinking in St. Maarten ever since beer began distributing on the island. Your favourite beer is available in close to 200 countries around the world and in almost every establishment that sells beer in St. Maarten. With quality being poured into every green bottle, customers are assured of the very best. In St. Maarten, the Heineken company is also a good corporate citizen. Apart from being the leading sponsor of the popular annual Regatta in St. Maarten, it has also thrown its support behind many community initiatives as a corporate sponsor. Bottoms up for a superior taste!

Runners up: Presidente, Carib
Holland House  in St.Maarten
Holland House
Best Place to have Cocktails

Holland House is famous for its white lounge sofas and its relaxing atmosphere. After work or for a night out with friends, it's a place you can hang out and catch up, while sipping a delicious alcoholic concoction made by Tory, the head bartender and cocktailspecialist. Tory loves to mix and match and be creative with his bottles: an experimentation which has led him to good things, not the least of which is "the island lover" a luscious cocktail that's so good you'll want to sip it drop by drop to savour each flavour as best you can. Also, always at your service is "Iceman," the beach boy at Holland House, who together with Tory make a great team. So, plan to spend your Sunday a bit differently this coming week, and let Iceman and Tory make it an unforgettable and relaxing one for you. Congratulations to Tory and all his staff: You deserve the title of best cocktail place on St. Maarten!

Runners up: Bliss, Sunset Beach Bar
Let's Travel   in St.Maarten
Let's Travel
Best Travel Agency

Although online booking is growing in popularity, nothing beats the personalized service of travel agents. Especially when they are from Let's Travel, our voter's favourite. The personalized service Agnetha, Karen, Lisa, Kitty and Francoise give you cannot be compared to the massive World Wide Web. Travel agents can still get the best deals and have sources the typical consumer doesn't. The savvy agents at Let's Travel also know their booking tricks that can cut your cost by a lot or even score you a room or cabin upgrade. This agency knows the destinations and keeps its clients up to date on deals with its monthly newsletter. If you value your time, a 10minute call to one of the agents will get you what you'd take hours to find online. And when problems hit you on the road, the agents at Let's Travel are your best ally. If you need a gateway to the world, pay a visit to Let's Travel.

Runners up: Travel Planners, Maduro Travel
Laser 101  Radio  in St.Maarten
Laser 101
Best Radio Station

Nothing hits the airwaves stronger than LaserlOlFM. The unbeatable radio station is the proof that attitude pays off. Whether it's its dedication to excellence or the station's versatile programming, our readers still prefer to tune in to "Storm Station." Wake up with sparkling sounds of Elektra, get through our workday with Gee Money's workload show and chill out in the afternoon in the JZone with Party Dude Jason. The nights are time to party with "dancehalltologist" Suppa Kid. When weekend comes, Gee Money warms you up for club land with the Saturday Jump Off and Passion makes a sweet ending with "The Candy Shop" on Sunday. At LaserlOl, listeners can also win big prizes and keep uptodate with what's happening on their Website www.laserl01.fm. Take it from our voters, stop tuning; keep your radio on Laser.

Runners up: Island 92, PJD2
Winward Island Bank in St.Maarten
Winward Island Bank
Best Bank

Once again, Windward Island Bank has proven to be the island's most preferred bank, with its fourth consecutive win as St. Maarten's Best Bank. When asked how it feels to be voted as St. Maarten's Best Bank, Managing Director Jan Beaujon said he felt thrilled, as this win once again reassures the bank that its customers continue to have trust in its services. Beaujon said the bank's progression over the years is based on its aim to continue enhancing its services. He said in the pipeline for the bank is to work with other businesses in the community to develop means of combining their services. Additionally, the bank would like to inform its customers more on the advantages of online banking, as it will shortly be undertaking some renovations to its main branch in Philipsburg. Beaujon recognizes the employees for the bank's continuous success and extends gratitude to the faithful customers. He advises everyone to avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash and walking on the streets with them, as robberies on the island are on the rise.

Runners up: Scotiabank, RBTT
Telcell Best Telecommunications Provider  in St.Maarten
Best Telecommunications Provider

TelCell has dethroned United Telecommunications Services (UTS) and its Chippie mobile service as our readers' pick as Best Telecommunications Provider. TelCell, which calls itself the leading mobile carrier on the island, offers a wide range of telecommunications services to its clients, including the recently launched Multi Media Messaging Service (MMS) which gives mobile users the possibility to send and receive pictures, videos and voice. TelCell continues to improve its product by continually training its human resources and improving its service.

Runners up: UTS, Smitcoms
Nagico Insurance  in St.Maarten
Best Insurance Coompany

Our readers remained under the "NAGICO umbrella" and kept the insurance company in the driver's seat as Best Insurance Company on the island for the fourth consecutive year. With its efficient claims handling procedure and policies tailored to suit the needs of clients, NAGICO has proven over the years that it has definitely got its clients covered. NAGICO is also a good corporate citizen and sponsors many community initiatives. With 24 years experience in the business, it doesn't look like NAGICO will be relinquishing this title anytime soon. The company's main branch is located in Philipsburg. It also has branches in 13 countries in the region.

Runners up: Ennia Insurances, Gulf Insurance
Discount Furniture  in St.Maarten
Discount Furniture
Best Furniture Store

After a hard day's work we all want to retreat to our respective cosy places of abode accentuated with just the right furnishings to help us unwind, relax and destress. Nothing brightens up your abode like furnishings from Discount Furniture on Bush Road. This spacious store offers everything for your home, from living room sets to everything you need for your kitchen, bedroom and bath. And like the name suggests, this store boasts competitive prices that are easy on your wallet. It offers delivery services and caters to all tastes.

Runners up: Kwik Ideas and Le Peninsule
Century 21 Realty  in St.Maarten
Century 21 Realty
Best Real Estate Company

More exclusive listings and a team that is in tune with the wants of luxury and general buyers were credited for Century 21 Real Estate Company being named the Best Real Estate Company on the island, unseating long time title Holder Re/Max Island Properties. Real estate is the hottest business on the island and providing the best service and selection for discerning clients is what Century 21 thrives for, as the market continues to t ompete with more and more development taking place. Showing properties and making the sale are not the only things the real e itate company does for clients. Giving advice and guiding them thrc ugh the process of buying a prime piece of St. Maarten for their own are also keys to success for the team. Commitment of real estate agents to listen and meet the needs and wants of clients is a service Century 21 strives to maintain here, as well as on Saba, Statia, Anguilla and other islands where the company operates. If you don't know what it is you crave in a new house, a place to hang out, or a building for business, Century 21 has been given the nod of approval by Best Of voters. Location: Cole Bay

Runners up: REMAX Island Properties, Coldwell Bankers
Electronics in St.Maarten
Klass Electronics
Best Shop to get Electronics

Located in the middle of Front Street, opposite Holland House, is a unique and diverse electronics store. It's probably the store with the widest variety of anything electronic you'll ever want. The second location of Klass Electronics just opened this year. On the cruise shippier, all tourists have the pleasure to shop taxfree for electronics. Come in for a phone, a camera, a flatscreen TV, a laptop, play station games, or anything else you want to hook up. With ongoing offers and good prices, it's not a surprise that Klass Electronics has been voted best electronics store of St. Maarten. The friendly guys behind the counter know what they're talking about, so come on up with all your questions. You'll be satisfied with the large array of choices in any item you want to purchase and Klass Electronics always makes sure to have the best and the latest in stock. It offers brands like Sony, Samsung, Nokia, iPod, Olympus, Nikon, Canon and many more. For cool gadgets, the best quality and price, the guys at Klass are ready to help!

Runners up: Boolchands, Blue Point
ACE Best Store to get Home Appliances  in St.Maarten
Best Store to get Home Appliances

With several locations on St. Maarten, ACE has been one of the main players in the field of hardware and building supplies for a long time. Home Appliances is one of its trademark inventories. ACE is a household name on St. Maarten and won't easily go away. It proved that this year as it opened its new Megacenter in Cole Bay. The humongous warehouse sells everything from makeup to plywood to fishing gear to assorted screws. The Megacenter has definitely rung in a new chapter of ACE on St. Maarten. The knowwheretogo factor is now higher than ever, as people tell each other, "Just check out ACE, it'll have it." With a dedicated staff and a wide array of items on the shelves, ACE can proudly call itself the #1 store for Home Appliances on St. Maarten for 2007.

Runners up: Kwik Bargains, 1,2,3,4 and More
Little Europe  in St.Maarten
Little Europe
Best Jewelry Store

St. Maarten's jewellers, mostly concentrated in Front Street, are available by the dozens. Both regular and cruise ship tourists know how to find precious gems cheaper here than at home. Out of all the other players on the blingbling scene, Little Europe has won the vote of Best Jeweller and has been hailed #1 jeweller for 2007 by the St. Maarten public. This jeweller, with two prime locations on Front Street and a boutique in Marigot, offers a wide range of "girl's best friend." You'll find anything within your pricerange whether it's an exclusive watch, crown jewels for the misses or sophisticated ear rings on a budget. The Alwani family has owned and operated Little Europe since day one. Three generations of the family are in the photo above. Little Europe is a success not just for the prices and the quality of its stock, but because of the pleasant, costumerfriendly atmosphere which welcomes you at any of its locations.

Runners up: Caribbean Gems, Little Switzerland
Sonesta Maho  in St.Maarten
Sonesta Maho
Best Hotel

Surrounded by fine restaurants, boutiques and great night life and entertainment, Sonesta Maho Resort was obviously voted Best Hotel for a reason. Sitting on 10 acres of lush beachfront property, this 537room resort set in tastefully designed tropical de*cor offers you heaven on earth. The availability of a wide range of activities and amenities cater to your every need so that you won't want to leave the property. Tourists and locals enjoy the popular street show every evening, as it gets you in the mood to dance and party the night away at Q Club Disco or try your luck at Casino Royaie. A stay at Sonesta Maho Resort is a wonderful experience and one to treasure for a lifetime.

Runners up:The Westin Resort & Spa, Royal Palm Beach Club
Paul Peterson Best Bartender  in St.Maarten
Paul Peterson
Best Bartender

With a number of accolades under his belt, it comes as no surprise that the mixology chief Paul Peterson is our reader'spickfor Best Bartender in St. Maarten. Winning is nothing new to Peterson, who can be found mixing his magical concoctions at Best High End and Most Romantic Restaurant Temptation. Over the years, he has accumulated numerous honours for his drinks and cocktails and is among the leading bartenders in the region. He is the 2006 Taste of the Caribbean Bartender of the Year and the St. Maarten/St. Martin 2006 Caribbean Bartender of the year. His goldmedal winning concoction St. Maartini is a must try. Bottom's up!

Runners up:
Brian at Lady C, Julio at Toppers
Atlantis World Casino  in St.Maarten
Atlantis World Casino
Best Casino

It is no surprise that Atlantis World in Cupecoy won Best Casino, considering the fact that casinos and restaurants make for the perfect combination of an animated night out; and this luxurious casino is in close proximity to two exquisite diningfacilities: Rare and Temptation, which was voted best Highend and best Romantic restaurant. Atlantis World offers tablegames like blackjack, roulette and threecard poker and of course a wide range of slot games. The sports corner has been getting busier as well, as you can now bet at any MBA, NFL or any other match for that matter. However, without a doubt, the biggest thing this season is the poker room. The biggest tournaments are held almost every day with your choice of freezeouts or rebuys and various numbers of betting. The best one yet is the Sunday game with the highest guaranteed jackpots on the island! Feel lucky? Take a risk and have fun!

Runners up: Casino Royale, Princess Casino
New York Nails Best Nail Salon  in St.Maarten
New York Nails
Best Nail Salon

Who else would you trust your precious nails to than the top nail salon, New York Nails? Owner Walter is set on quality and hygiene in his salon. Whatever the occasion, it has the right colour nail polish for you, with more than 100 colours to choose from. Need something different and unique? Check out New York Nails' unique airbrush techniques and leave with artistically done nails. Your precious pinkies get some serious pampering at this salon. Even your tired footsies get pampered with a manicure. Colour your toe nails and slip on your prettiest pair of open toe heels and show off what New York nails has done for you.

Runners up: Georgina's Nails, Carita Day Spa
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Pineapple Pete
Best Live Music Venue / Best Place to Play Pool

Pineapple Pete wins not one, but two categories of this year's Best of St. Maarten. Besides the food and the service, Pineapple Pete has more qualities that speak to the St. Maarten public. It's clear that the game room is one of them. With five pool tables, three dartboards and several arcade games in an airconditioned room, Pineapple Pete's the answer to the problem many bored people stuck on their couches are facing these days. Come in, have a drink and go headtohead in a competition with family, friends or actual rivals. Of course, it comes down to just having a good time. That's the same reason Pineapple Pete won best Live Music Venue: Whenever you come to eat, your conversation can handle a silent moment as the air is filled with sweet tones. Ronnie Santana plays his swaying guitar every day from Wednesday to Sunday and on Tuesdays the band "House of Blues 'n more" rocks the house with live reggae and blues, island style. Best live Music Venue

Runners up:

Live Music Venue: Cherri's Cafe, Red Piano
Best place to play Pool: The Greenhouse, Soggy Dollar
Xpert Hair Salon  in St.Maarten
Xpert Hair Salon
Best Hair Salon

When it comes to your "do" leave it up to the Xperts. The namesake salon in Simpson Bay gives the best hair cuts, according to our voters. Its popularity has forced owner Eyup Akyurt to get additional hairstylists on board to keep up with the growing demand. Besides getting a magical makeover from Eyup Akyurt, you can also get a perfect haircut from his brother Sinan or the fashionable Jacy. With help from assistant Angela, the Xperts team will transform you from "sag" to "fab." Need a lift between haircuts? Let Dennis pamper your hair with moisturizing treatments and heavenly scalp massages. With products from L'Oreal, Goldwell, Kerastase and Lanza, your locks will look smooth and shiny. Location: La Palappa Marina, Simpson Bay.

Runners up: Miguel's and Buigine.
Good Life Spa  in St.Maarten
Good Life Spa
Best Spa

Thinking of heading off for a day at the spa? Voted best spa on the island, Good Life Spa located in Sonesta Maho Beach Resort is the place to be. You will be taken care of by the finest licensed professionals and enjoy the ultimate spa experience. The Full service spa offers a wide range of packages including massage, reflexology, body treatments, hydro therapy bath and much more. Clients can also enjoy the full service the fitness centre with complimentary use of the Dry Sauna. Good Life Spa makes it easy to escape from everyday life.

Runners up: Angelic Touch, The Spa
Penha Best Parfume Store  in St.Maarten
Best Parfume Store

Everybody knows that St. Maarten is a Walhalla for tourists, especially American ones, because of the dutyfree shopping. Apart from jewellery and liquor, perfume is an item best purchased on the island. Penha is a big player in the perfumebusiness. The store has just this year gone through amazing refurbishments and now has two entrances one on Front Street and one on the Boardwalk. The store has almost doubled in size and is on the right track to becoming the household name in the island's fragrance scene. Proof is right here, as the store has been voted number one in the category of Best Perfume Store for 2007.

Runners up: Lipstick, Perfume Palace
Angels Flower Shop   in St.Maarten
Angels Flower Shop
Best Flower Shop

Whether you want to express your love, commendations or joy, nothing says it better than flowers. At Angel's Flower Shop you can convey just about any emotion with its artful combination of nature's best blooms. Whether it's an extensive arrangement or something less extravagant, at Angel's Flower Shop on Back Street you can tell that special someone exactly what's on your mind. Angel's has reputed itself as a flower house whose floral artistry is as unique as it is distinctive. The experts at Angel's sign each order with a stamp of excellence and tailor make each order to suit the emotion you want to convey. When The Daily Herald visited Angel's recently, it was busy getting the location ready for the day of love Valentine's Day.

Runners up: Abaca, Glo's Dialabasket
Shipwreck Shops Best Place for Souveniers  in St.Maarten
Shipwreck Shops
Best Place for Souveniers

If sea pirates of the olden days still pillaged and plundered the high seas, their treasures would be found in a place like Shipwreck Shops, a treasure trove of the best kept Caribbean secrets in unique souvenirs. Coconut shells filled with scented candles, jewellery crafted from semi precious stones indigenous to the archipelago that sparkles in the sunlight, handmade Caribbean themed cards and Tshirts galore are just some of the reasons Shipwreck Shops, located at every corner of St. Maarten, was again named the Best Place to get Souvenirs. The choices are endless whether you are shopping for the perfect trinket to inspire friends back home who never take a vacation to drop their cares and head to the island, or getting a special reminder of your fun in the sun, there is always something to discover. Shipwreck Shops offers the best of the Caribbean in paintings by local, regionally and internationally known artists; music to invoke the moods and groove of the island; cook books to transform the food; and novels to whisk you away from wherever you are back to the azure sea with waves lapping dreamily. Location: Front Street, Le West Indies Mall and various resorts.

Runners up: Rima's Beach World
Good Cards Best Gift Shop  in St.Maarten
Good Cards
Best Gift Shop

Whether you want to enclose some money in an envelope and put a cool card with it, or give something special and unique, Good Cards is the place to go. Choose anything from bags, jewellery, kids' toys, photo frames or one of the other unique items. It focuses on stocking fun and affordable gifts that you won't find anywhere else. The cards of course, are the main thing, and whatever card you're looking for, you'll find. The shop is located at Palapa Marina in Simpson Bay. With its two entrances (on the main road and on the Marina side), it makes a very accessible and diverse shop that will definitely be worth your while to visit sometime.

Runners up: Shipwreck Shops, Artizan
Liz Claiborne Best Women's Boutique  in St.Maarten
Liz Claiborne
Best Women's Boutique

Liz Claiborne continued on its trail of excellence in 2007 to retain the title of Best Women's Boutique on the island. It offers an exquisite line of trendy and quality clothing, bags, shoes and stylish accessories to go with any look. The always eyecatching, Liz Claiborne, window displays keep clients flowing through its doors for the latest ensembles. Its items are as durable as they are trendy and oneofakind. And the smiling, friendly and welcoming faces of staff and comfortable shopping environment make you keep going back for more.

Runners up: Gatspy, Showroom
Bebe'n Kids Best Childrens Store  in St.Maarten
Bebe'n Kids
Best Childrens Store

Being a mother is already a hectic full time job. There's just not enough time in the day to shuttle the kids back and forth to baseball and swimming practice, afternoon school and still find time to get them the right apparel for everyday wear. That's where Bebe 'n Kids comes to your rescue. The store offers everything for children, toddlers and newborns from clothing to toys, educational materials, footwear and just about everything you need for your kids. And with competitive prices, you don't have to break the bank to keep your kids happy. It has a large stock of car seats for kids so that you can adhere to the new traffic rules that require that each baby and young child be in a car seat

Runners up: 014 Kids, Penny's
Pennys Best Department Store  in St.Maarten
Best Department Store

With five floors of shopping pleasure, Penny's Department Store on Back Street has recaptured its space on the throne as Best Department Store in St. Maarten. In its basement, Penny's offers everything for your bed and bath. The first floor has a wide selection of his and hers clothing and shoes while the second floor the baby department has everything for your little ones from clothing and footwear, to school supplies and toys. The third floor has all your houseware needs, while the fourth floor contains everything to keep you in tip top shape.

Runners up: Super Plaza,1,2,3,4 & More
Angelo Best Men's Boutique  in St.Maarten
Best Men's Boutique

Angelo's has won the race and was again picked as the island's "Best Men's Boutique" a distinction the shop can continue to boast of. The recently renovated store gives the sceptical male shopper a comfortable rustic and ultra male setting in which to pick his garb. Angelo's main focus is on men's clothing; however, the store's wide selection of ladies' clothing and accessories is a sure way to tempt the ladies into the store followed by the usually indecisive male shopper A technique which seems to work for Angelo's. Offering high quality designer brands such as Levi's, Dockers, Timberland and many more, Angelo's can transform the scruffiest man into a gentleman. A scene often observed in Angelo's is the very attentive staff of mainly women banding together to help the lone male shopper, who seems unsure of what he really wants. With Angelo's new look, it is sure to attract more men shoppers.

Runners up: Shoe Tree, Polo Ralph Lauren
Friendly Island Pharmacy  in St.Maarten
Friendly Island Pharmacy
Best Pharmacy

Friendly Island Pharmacy has dethroned its sister pharmacy in Simpson Bay as the leading provider of pharmaceutical services and products on the island. Fuelled by a hardworking team of professionals, Friendly Island Pharmacy is a shopping bonanza with the largest selection of European and US prescription medicines, vitamins, over tike counter medication and other pharmacy items. It has an extensive line of Dutch, French and US cosmetics, beauty aids as well as other grooming items. The pharmacy retails the 100% pure Aloe line from Bonaire, which is reputed to be the best in the world. It stocks a full complement of vitamins and supplements as well as a great selection of sunglasses and reading glasses.

Runners up: Simpson Bay Pharmacy, Philipsburg Pharmacy
Vlaun & Sons Best Garage & Best Mechanic in St.Maarten
F.W. Vlaun & Sons
Best Garage & Best Mechanic

For most of us, our vehicles rank in the same category as our best friends We rely on them to take us just about anywhere and everywhere we want to go. In addition to offering some of the top brand vehicles, F.W. Vlaun and Son's also provides the best after sales service to keep your friend on wheels on the road and in good health. Our readers know this all too well and have chosen Vlaun as the company offering the Best Garage and Mechanic service on the island. Vlaun offers general vehicle maintenance and professional mechanical repairs and body paint, among other w ork to ensure that your vehicle is always in tip top shape. Founded by Sir Charles Vlaun in 1957, F.W. Vlaun and Sons has established itself as a professional local company with a solid family heritage and has a reputation for air and honest business practices.

Runners up: Marshall Motors, Caribbean Auto Sales
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Shell Gas Station
Best Gas Station

Tanking up has never been so easy as when you're doing it at one of the convenient Shell Gas station locations in St. Maarten our reader's pick for Best Gas Station in St. Maarten an undefeated four times in a row. On an island where we depend on our vehicle to take us from point A to point B, Shell makes it easy to get us on the road with its professional service, convenient locations and welcoming atmosphere. And as if that wasn't enough to tank up at Shell, the company boasts that its gas contains a special treatment which is guaranteed to add longevity to the lives of your vehicle.
Shell has five convenient locations for your tankingup pleasure: Madam Estate, Bush Road, Cole Bay, Simpson Bay and Sucker Garden.

Runners up: Texaco
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Fountain of Health
Best Health Food Store

Just as the legendary eternal fountain of youth offers immortality, St Maarten's very own Fountain of Health on Cannegieter Street offers its customers the gift of healthy eating and living. The store, stocked with everything a healthconscious person would want to indulge in, offers its customers a lifestyle of healthy living. Browsing through the rows of health wonders, patrons are pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information available on the products offered at the store; while racks of books can offer the inspiration to start a lifestyle of better living. Patrons usually walk out of Fountain of Health feeling healthier than when they walked in. Shoppers can indulge in lots of good stuff, including nuts and a wide range of multi vitamins. Fountain of Health was selected the best health food store and can celebrate being the mustvisit place for changing to a health conscience lifestyle.

Runners up: Bioman, Health Tree
Restaurant  in St.Maarten
Marci's Mega Gym
Best Gym

When it's time to sweat, our athletic voters go to Mard's Mega Gym! The lack of airconditioning does not hold any gym goers back. On the contrary, they seem to share Marci's philosophy that sweating is the key to success. Having recently celebrated its 10* anniversary, the familyfriendly facility is more than a place to do cardio and weights. The workout area is host to classes ranging from Taebo and kickboxing to yoga and salsa. There's no need to leave the kids at home. Marci offers a special fitness program and dance classes for them. Adults can also sweat it out with power circuit training or oneonone training with Marci. After your workout, relax in Shake Shack with a cool replenishing drink.

Runners up: Royal Palm Gym and Fitness Coaching
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