St. Martin & St. Maarten offers an extensive range of water sports activities Find the perfect vacation getaway at St. Martin. St. Martin - Grand Case is the place for dinning out in the Caribbean. Marigot is a duty-free Mecca with top European Fashion Designs Find a car or boat rental service provider that can meet your needs St. Maarten, St. Martin offers highly international banking, communication and professional services St. Maarten - St. Martin has become a major yachting and marine center of the Caribbean.
French Language English Language In Deutscher Sprache The Caribbean island of St. Maarten - St. Martin is a dual nation, French and Dutch. Each side is remarkably different from the other.
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Entry Requirements

U.S. citizens and Canadian citizens need to have proof of citizenship and a return or continuing ticket. Proof of citizenship would include birth certificate, naturalization papers, affidavit or an Alien registration card and of course a passport. For Canadians, a valid passport or birth certificate is necessary. There is a U.S.$10 departure tax.

Sint Maarten is the only completely duty free port in the Caribbean and attracts shoppers in swarms to it's duty free shops. Travelers can save anywhere from 20 percent to 40 percent on luxury and designer items.

While the border between the two small islands of Sint Maarten and St. Martin may not have any official customs and immigration checkpoints, vacationers traveling to the country from foreign destinations will still need to be aware of customs regulations for the small island. Travelers should keep the exemption and customs limits for their own country in mind while shopping duty free in Sint Maarten. Exceeding the exemption can mean being charged with a sizable import tax.

Sint Maarten is a completely duty free destination, meaning that all items bought within the island are without added taxes. While customs regulations for travelers coming into the country are generally not stringent, vacationers should not import any item in excess. General allowances for both St. Martin and Sint Maarten will be like much of the rest of the Caribbean: 2 liters of alchohol, 200 cigarrettes, 50 cigars, and 250 grams of tobacco.

Travelers should never bring illegal drugs into a country and should always research current rules for other items such as pets or food. The exportation of coral and shells from Sint Maarten and St. Martin is illegal. Travelers should consult the embassy or consulate of France or the Netherlands Antilles just prior to traveling for up to date information.

Since entry & customs regulations are subject to change from time to time, it is best to check with your country’s specific entry requirements before you visit the Caribbean, and keep your knowledge current using the following contact information: .
U.S. Customs
U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs

U.S. Customs

Departing US citizens whose stay is in excess of 48 hours may on their return take back, free of duty, articles totaling up to US $600 (based on the retail value of the items in the country of purchase). Duty on purchases in excess of the US $600 exemption is 10% on the next US $1000 and thereafter.

For Alcohol the duty-free allowance for US citizens age 21 and over is one quart, the value of which must be included within the $600 exemption.

U.S. residents who have visited St. Martin (French side), for at least 48 hours, may bring home, for personal use, up to $800(USD) worth of goods duty-free, as long as they haven’t used any portion of the $800(USD) allowance during the 30 days preceding their trip. You may combine your $800(USD) exemption with family members. If you visit for fewer than 48 hours, the duty-free allowance is $200(USD), which cannot be pooled with other family member's exemptions.

U.S. Customs Pre-Registration:
Foreign-made personal articles taken abroad are subject to U.S. Customs duty and tax upon your return, unless you have proof of prior possession such as a receipt, bill of sale, an insurance policy, or a jeweler's appraisal.

If you do not have proof of prior possession, items such as foreign-made watches, cameras, or tape recorders that can be identified by serial number or permanent markings, may be taken to the Customs office nearest you, or to the port of departure for registration, before you depart the United States. The certificate of registration provided can expedite free entry of these items when you return to the United States.

Visitors departing on an international flight from St. Maarten´s Princess Juliana International Airport pay a US $20 departure tax regardless of age at the airport; this tax is collected at a separate window you will find on the way to the departure lounge. If traveling to another island within the Netherlands Antilles, the tax is only US $6.




Temperatures will range anywhere from 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The average temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and this will generally only vary a few degrees, even in the summer months. Humidity, another major climate concern, will also increase in the summer months.

Weather Links
Hurricane Weather
Antilles Cyclone
Crown Weather
Hurricane Alley
Hurricane Hunters
Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency

Hurricane season starts in the beginning of June and goes through November in the Atlantic. Although hurricane strikes are rare on St. Martin and Sint Maarten, it is during these months that the island experiences the most rainfall.

The island receives an average of 45 inches of rainfall a year. There are times during the summer months where the increased rainfall and heat can become an issue for travelers. Many, however, find the island to be pleasant throughout the year. With very little temperature variation and only 45 inches of average annual rainfall tourists come to St. Martin and Sint Maarten in both June and January.

Trade winds, combined with air conditioning and the water, however, make the increased heat and humidity in the summer months only a minor issue for most tourists. The island's elevated interior can also offer reprieve from the warmer climate on the outskirts. In the winter temperatures dip somewhat in the morning and evening, occasionally making for a cool night.

Telephone and Fax

Communications on St. Martin can be mildly difficult due to the dual autonomy of the small island. St. Martin and St. Maarten have different area codes and use different phone systems. St. Maarten uses the area code plus seven-digit system used in the United States. St. Martin uses a European area code plus six-digit format. Calling from one side to the other, as a result, is considered a long distance call. You can get Phone cards for $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 on both sides of the islands at gas stations, Chinese restaurants, phone stores and news paper stores.

Internet Access

There are Internet Cafes everywhere on the island which enable you to go online. The island has an amazing number of competing Internet Service Providers, with broadband connections available as well. For a nominal fee, you can have a connection to the Internet established in your unit during your stay.


Some of the Internet Cafes like Cyber Café also offer International Phone calls usually for $ 1.00 per minute.

To Call St.Maarten from the French side of the island you have to dial 00-599 followd by your 7 digits number To call Saint Martin from the Dutch side of the island you have to dial 00-590-590 followed by your 6 digits number. To call a number on the French side from the US/Canada you dial 011-590-590 followd by your 6 digits number

Internet Access
Cyber Link
Cyber Café
Network IDL
Scarlet St.Maarten


The US dollar is accepted on both sides of the island. The Dutch side currency is the Antillean Guilder and the French side's is the Euro. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and several International Banks are established on the Island.

Post & Courier Services
The Mailbox
FEDEX Express
The Business Point
Communications Etc.
DHL Worldwide Express
To Call St.Maarten from the French side of the island you have to dial 00-599 followd by your 7 digits number To call Saint Martin from the Dutch side of the island you have to dial 00-590-590 followd by your 6 digits number

Post offices and Mail

There are several different options when sending mail from St. Maarten or St. Martin The main post office on the dutch side of the island is located in Philipsburg on Cannegieter Street and can be reached by telephone at 599-542-2298 in St. Maarten.

There are also postal branches located on the French side of the island in Marigot and Nettle Bay.

For those who want to send mail in a hurry, The Mailbox in Simpson Bay will put U.S. postage on your letter, put it on a plane, and have your parcel in the U.S. postage system 2 to 3 weeks faster than the local post office branches. It may be more expensive than local mail, but you will get faster service for your money. The Mailbox charges around $2(USD) per piece of mail, and if you have a lot of parcels, about $7(USD) per pound. Airmail to Western Europe and the USA takes four to six days, normal mail takes four to six weeks.

Getting Around

There are two airports serving St. Martin though one, the Aeroport de l'Espérance on the French side, is small and only accepts island-hopper planes. The main St. Martin airport, Princess Juliana International Airport, is on the Dutch side of the island near the southwestern coast. International carriers fly in and out of this St. Martin airport, as do several Caribbean airlines which often use the St. Martin airport as a connection point to the rest of the West Indies. From the United States, most travelers touch down at the St. Martin airport aboard American Airlines, though Continental Airlines and US Airways offer some less frequent flights from a limited number of cities.

Getting to the St. Martin airport from Europe is fairly easy, as Air France has daily non-stop flights there from Paris. To reach the St. Martin airport from other Caribbean islands, local carriers such as ALM, BWIA, and LIAT are safe bets and usually have daily connections between the Antilles' major hubs. Windward Islands Airways is based at the main St. Martin airport on the Dutch side and provides daily service from the St. Martin airport to Anguilla, Saba, St. Barths, St. Eustatius, and St. Kitts-Nevis.

For information on either St. Martin airport, contact:
Aeroport de l'Espérance
Princess Juliana International Airport

Car Rentals on the Dutch side
Rent 4 Less Car Rental
First Class Cars
Best Bargain Car Rental
Safari's Quad and Motor-Bikes Rental
Unity Car
Tropicana Car Rental

Despite being relatively small, a St. Martin car rental is still the most convenient way of getting around the island, allowing visitors a certain degree of freedom to explore at their will. Roads on St. Martin are generally in good condition and well marked, but public transportation can be infrequent and unpredictable outside of urban areas - to get the most out of touring the island's sites, a St. Martin car rental is your best bet.
There are several St. Martin car rental companies, each with large stocks of cars. Calling ahead is never a bad idea, but there should be no problem securing a St. Martin car rental without a reservation, especially at Princess Juliana International Airport where almost every company holds a booth. Look for Avis, Hertz, and Budget locations to compare St. Martin car rental prices - overall, St. Martin car rental fares are quite low, averaging US$50 per day for a compact car. All St. Martin car rental outfits honor international drivers licenses and major credit cards are accepted as payment.
Rental cars are the primary mode of transportation for visitors staying on island. If any driving is expected off the major roads (such as to some of the more secluded beaches), a 4-wheel drive is recommended. Traffic on the island however has become a major problem, long traffic jams between Marigot, Philipsburg and the airport are common.
Car Rentals on the French side
Econocar Car Rentals
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St.Martin Location
Route 66 Car Rental
Valley Car Rental
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Ilet Pinel
Visit the Butterfly Farm  in St.Martin and see rare and exotic butterflies
Butterfly Farm
Mountain Top Hiking at Loterie Farm Pic du Paradis
Loterie Farm
Grand Case
Atelier des Tropismes
Atelier des Tropismes
Town Hall and Post Office in Philipsburg
Town Hall Philipsburg
Lots of Fun for the whole family on Orient Bay St.Martin
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