St. Martin & St. Maarten offers an extensive range of water sports activities Find the perfect vacation getaway at St. Martin. St. Martin - Grand Case is the place for dinning out in the Caribbean. Marigot is a duty-free Mecca with top European Fashion Designs Find a car or boat rental service provider that can meet your needs St. Maarten, St. Martin offers highly international banking, communication and professional services St. Maarten - St. Martin has become a major yachting and marine center of the Caribbean.
French Language English Language In Deutscher Sprache The Caribbean island of St. Maarten - St. Martin is a dual nation, French and Dutch. Each side is remarkably different from the other.
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St. Maarten & St. Martin

As the two names suggest this is the most unique Island in the Caribbean. Dutch and French share this two country situation without borders. Other than signs that say “Welcome to the Dutch Side” and “Welcome to the French Side” you would think it was one country.

Roughly 37 square miles offers breathtaking views from beautiful mountain Vistas of the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans. A scenic "loop" around the island can take just half a day, including plenty of stops.
If you head up the east shoreline from Philipsburg, follow the signs to Dawn Beach and Oyster Pond. The road winds past soaring hills, turquoise waters.

Points of Interest (dutch side)
Fort Amsterdam
Court House
Guana Bay Point
St.Maarten Park
Oyster Pond
Sint-Maarten Museum

quaint West Indian houses, and wonderful views of St. Barths. As you cross over to the French side, the road leads from the islands oldest settlement, known as the French Quarter to Cule de Sac and the secluded, luxurious district Anse Marcel or you can drive directly to the "restaurant capital of the Caribbean" Grand Case.

Following the street you reach Marigot the capital of the French side and Sandy Ground . From Marigot, the flat island of Anguilla is visible. Completing the loop brings you past Cupecoy Beach, through Maho and Simpson Bay , where Saba looms in the horizon, and back over the mountain road into Philipsburg.

Points of Interest (fr side)
Fort St. Louis
Butterfly Farm
Loterie Farm & Fly zone
Plantation Mont Vernon
Marigot local market
Old House & Rum Museum

Beaches in St. Maarten/St. Martin

The 38 Beaches of St. Martin/St. Maarten are world famous for their beautiful white sand and turquoise water. Each beach is unique, and all beaches are open to the public. Coral reefs populated by colorful marine life fringe the coast, and several tiny islets with lovely beaches are just a short distance away.

St. Martin is only a quick flight away from the islands of Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Barths, and Anguilla; enabling visitors to sample a wide variety of beaches and surroundings.

Beaches on the Dutch side
Mullet Bay
Great Bay
Pelican Cay
Guana Bay
Cap Bay
Maho Beach
Little Bay
Dawn Beach
Islands: Tintamarre Island & Prickly Pear

Orient Bay is particularly enticing for its wide expanse of velvety white sand, its underwater marine reserve with a coral reef that is great for snorkeling, and the variety of water sports that are offered here.

At one end there is a naturist resort, and the beach there is purely clothing-optional. In general, the attitudes toward topless bathing are fairly relaxed and sophisticated in St. Martin. There is one part of Orient Beach which is reserved for naturists.

Beaches on the French side
Anse Marcel
Baie Longue
Baie aux Prunes
Baie Rouge
Baie de L'Embouchure
Galion Bay
Orient Bay
Grand Case Bay
Happy Bay
Friars's Bay
Nettle Bay
Ilet Pinel & Grandes Cayes
Shopping in St. Maarten/St. Martin

The best places to find St. Martin shopping outlets are in Marigot on the French side and Philipsburg on the Dutch. Front Street is Philipsburg's main duty-free drag, with dozens of quaint shops and elegant boutiques to choose from. Look for Carat and Little Europe for an fine selection of china and jewelry.

The rue de la Liberté and rue de la République in Marigot top French St. Martin shopping destinations, where a charming jumble of architecture houses the city's chic shops and duty-free boutiques. For cosmetics and perfume Lipstick is the place to be, while you could do practically all of your St. Martin shopping at Manek's, which sells a diverse group of duty-free favorites.

Stores in Philipsburg are open all day Monday through Saturday, and some are open on Sunday if there is a cruise ship in port. In Marigot, the shops tend to close between noon and I p.m. and reopen at 3:00 p.m. until the late afternoon or early evening.

Most businesses are closed on Sunday, and so are many restaurants. Grocery stores are open Monday - Saturday 8:00a.m. - 8:00p.m., Sunday 9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Shopping for Food
Le Grande Marche
Le U.S. Supermarché
Supermarché Match
Le Cost U Less
Lido Food Center
Belgian Chocolate Shop

In Philipsburg, specialties of Front Street include everything from Swiss watches and French perfumes to British cashmeres, Chinese embroidery, Japanese electronics and cameras, Indonesian batiks, and Italian leather goods One can also browse through a vast collection of fine jewelry, crystals, linens, porcelain, liquor and cigars.

Local grocery stores will come in handy if your hotel room has a small refrigerator or kitchen. And if you are looking for interesting gifts, such as exotic sauces, or cheeses and chocolates, you will find some great buys. Unlike many shops, grocery stores list prices in Guilders and Euros only, so you have to do a little arithmetic to figure out the value of your purchases. If you tell the cashier you wish to pay in Dollars, the Cash register will do the conversion for you.

The island has 12 supermarkets, 68 grocery stores, five gas marts and an open market. Supermarkets account for about 85 percent of the retail sector sales.

The selection is fantastic! If you are a visitor from the States, you will most likely find products you are accustomed to on the Dutch side. Europeans will feel right at home in the markets on the French side.

Shopping for Wine & Liquors
Le Goût du Vin
Rum Jumbie
The Guavaberry Emporium
Vinissimo Wine & Spirit Boutique

St. Martins / St. Maartens Culture

The French and Dutch sides of St. Martin share a similar culture, but each has its own distinguishing features. Both the French and Dutch sides of St. Martin are rich in culture that has been influenced by Africa and Europe. Although French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten are in fact two distinct countries, they share a single small island. Each side has an an intriguing culture of shared and individual aspects seen in the religion, language, cuisine, and music. The Caribbean love of rhythym is world renowned. Nowhere else in the world is there as great a variety of music styles as in the Caribbean.

The true voice of the Caribbean is found in the region's unique musical styles. The original rhythms of this amazing part of the world mostly come from African roots and use a lot of drums. The types of music that have originated from the Caribbean region include calypso, merengue, soca, zouk, reggae. All of these styles of music share certain distinguishing features such as infectious dance rhythms and outlandish lyrics.

Combined, the French and Dutch sides of St. Martin have a population of about 69,000 people.

In the past 20 years, immigrants have flocked to the island to find employment and better living conditions, and the native population of Creoles has been greatly outnumbered by those who have migrated to the island.

Today, representatives of 70 different nationalities live on the island and speak a number of different languages. The native inhabitants of St. Martin can trace their roots to Africa, the Netherlands, or France, as St. Martin was a crossroads for visitors to the New World.

Dutch, French and British traders inhabited the island. The border between the Dutch and French sides of the island is virtually imperceptible, and although the two countries share many aspects of culture and heritage, each side has retained much of the distinctiveness of its own national culture.

Politic and Economy

The policy of the two governments administratively responsible for the island, have both considering things the same way since they approved the same statutes for both side of the island: exempted of tax, customs, with simple formalities for business who wish to invest on the islands.

But with the time, the Dutch side made a few changed in its statute and has today a government with locally more autonomy. The French side is in the process of changing its statute, by normally 2007Saint Martin should not be one commune of Guadeloupe any more but a regional council.

Fun things to do and to see on while you're vacationing on St.Martin   
Visit Fort St. Louis Military Site in Marigot St.Martin
Fort St. Louis
Ilet Pinel - The Saint Tropez of the Caribbean
Ilet Pinel
Visit the Butterfly Farm  in St.Martin and see rare and exotic butterflies
Butterfly Farm
Mountain Top Hiking at Loterie Farm Pic du Paradis
Loterie Farm
Grand Case
Atelier des Tropismes
Atelier des Tropismes
Town Hall and Post Office in Philipsburg
Town Hall Philipsburg
Lots of Fun for the whole family on Orient Bay St.Martin
Orient Bay
Tropical Shipping

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